July 13th, 2006

Skyline-The Key

This piece I originally did many years ago as a cover to a novel I wrote-it seemed appropriate for 'illustration friday' http://www.illustrationfriday.com The theme of the week being 'Skyline'...and the image has a skyline based on Vienna where the novel was set. I re-did the image, playing around digitally with it a bit. As with other pieces I have been working on based on themes suggested by illustration friday, it is a hasty piece of work and thus not perhaps as worked as I would like. I have discovered that I really need a good few weeks of thinking time to be satisfied with an image, and no other time pressures work wise...always a luxury then to actually finish something within a week! I actually have several other pieces of work I never finished by the end of the week that I will complete when I get a chance and post up in my journal. Hopefully during a less busy time for me!


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