hybridartifacts (hybridartifacts) wrote,

Kickstarter - Fortunes Wheel RPG

I have just launched a Kickstarter for a role playing game I have been working on for some time now - its called 'Fortunes Wheel' and its a Tarot based rpg that gives players an extra dimension to play that dice just cant give. If you love RPGs and want to try out an amazing new game system that really adds a fantastic new spin to roleplaying, check it out!

You can find the Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1613337354/fortunes-wheel
and the facebook page for the game at https://www.facebook.com/FortunesWheelRPG
The main game website is www.fortuneswheel.co.uk 

There is also a free quickstart pdf at http://www.fortuneswheel.co.uk/Fortunes-Wheel-Quickstart.pdf

Tags: fortunes wheel, game, games, role-playing, roleplaying, rpg, tarot

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