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Hybrid Artifacts

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External Services:
  • hybridartifacts@livejournal.com
I have a second website at:
with more artwork and my vampire rpg section 'Darkrise' (with extra materials and scenarios for the Vampire the Masquerade Chigaco Chronicles).
I also have a flickr site:
and now an Etsy shop:

"I wonder now,
Just how it would be
If on top of the sky
Was most of the sea?"

I am an artist living and working in the UK with my Canadian wife, Suzette (also an artist) her username here is winggleam and her website is http://www.suzettemcgrath.co.uk
Her Etsy shop is http://winggleamstudios.etsy.com
I mostly work in Photoshop these days, though I do also paint in oils and sometimes combine the two. Every now and again I will write something as well-though I consider myself more an artist than a writer. I am also a bit of an rpg addict.

Above anything else I believe that that we make the world dull as we grow older, so like Peter Pan I am determined never to do so. My art reflects this-its about a re-enchantment of the mundane and subtly sticking holes through the bland bits of our universe to uncover the magic we always we knew was there when we were children.

I'm always happy to make new friends here-to listen to peoples stories and see their visions as well as to share some of mine-thats why I use Live Journal. I welcome feedback on my posts and love it when people see things in my art I never intended or expected.

"In DARKLING Inks and echoing colours, BETWEEN the inside spaces and halls of hidden WONDERS, subtle eyes walk, then STRIDE, then BREATHE. Suckling enchantments and brittle moments collapse the walls... and beauty devours us."

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