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Writer's Block: Cramming Yourself into a Sentence

Try to describe yourself in one sentence.
A teacher I had back in secondary school actually did that for me - at a parent/teacher review he once looked a bit blank, then said - 'There is a lot going on inside that boy's head'.

That was the same teacher who also managed to sum me up in a one word- idiosyncratic.

Thinking about it, my journal tends to reflect only a tiny portion of what's going on in my head. If it were to do that (and maybe it should), it would also hold fragments of stories, ideas for games, comments on all the subjects you are not supposed to talk about at dinner, observations and reflections on the world and nature and people, doodles, scribblings and links to things I have found online and off. Then again-maybe I shouldn't- I don't really have the time to act on even 10% of whats going on in my head, let along record it for others to see! Perhaps I should just continue to cherry pick?